Open Minds Society (aka Resonance Society)

This is the "Open Minds Society", where members are encouraged to openly cross-promote each other's ideas/businesses through signage and public conferencing.

We help one another grow & succeed in life in a brotherhood/sisterhood manner and as a team.


Unboxed Movement / Campaign

Since so many people live in a blackbox these days and are afraid of stepping out of their confinement,

our goal is to open up the invisible minds' potentials from all walks of life and resonate them with your targeted success at the right timings.

That's why our members or expandable estates are known as "RESONATORS".

They act as your "OPPORTUNITIES SCANNERS" & "SHORTCUTS SCANNERS" that scan for opportunities & shortcuts everywhere all the time.

They also organize "Help Exchange" workshops to accelerate resonances in the right place at the right time too.

The "Resonance-Scanning Accelerations", powered by these "Resonance Scanner-Accelerators", are the most effective success-engineering strategies to date.

Open Minds Radios/Satellites, which can also be used as "Visual Radios" that allow "Visual Conferencing"

Unlimited-Range Walkie-Thinkies with the Public Broadcast

Help Friends Open Minds

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